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Our potions are plant based for the very best in beauty and skin care. From conception to execution, providing quality hair, face and body products is our priority. Our formulas are highly potent and our batches are all handcrafted.   We embrace the concept; “What you put on your body is equally beneficial to what you put in your body.” We strongly believe “ingredients matter.” ™

Natural and organic ingredients are incorporated in all of our potions. We work diligently to integrate targeted ingredients that deliver concentrated doses of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to produce premium products.  We are dedicated to making sure that our formulations never include; sodium laurel sulfates, or petroleum-based ingredients. Animal testing is against our values.

Our potions are made with respect for our environment, love of our craft, positive energy and a vocation to make being beautiful healthy. To assure the best results, whether to stimulate, soothe or smooth, each batch is handmade and labeled for guaranteed freshness.  Vangaleen’s isn’t simply a store, we’re a lifestyle brand. “Beauty is our business and healthy is our tradition.” ™ Origin U.S.A.


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Encouraged by my passion for science and a desire to reconnect with my own health, I launched a line of natural products. Vangaleen’s Natural Potions are free of chemicals and toxins. Inspired by Mother Earth, moved by the legacy of two strong women, Daisy Mae and Vangaleen, this line of products incorporates food grade raw exotic butters, oils, roots and herbs where every ingredient serves a purpose for the best in hair and skin care.

I am the grand daughter of Daisy Mae and Vangaleen (maternal and paternal). Both grandmother’s had Native American roots, born in the South and migrated North with their families in their youth. However, their southern soul, native traditions and skills were still as much a part of them as the blood that flowed through their bodies. Tucked away like pearls in a silk purse, their traditions and wisdom for caring for their families was passed on to each of us. Their magic still amazes me to this day. From preparing a meal fit for royalty out of odds and ends, to their knowledge of the power of herbs, roots, how to prepare salves and extractions. They were naturalist. Their spirituality and respect for the earth, what they consumed and what they put on their skin was a reflection of their beliefs. They opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of natures ability to nourish.

My name is Karen Scott I am the CEO and Master Formulator for Vangaleen’s, and I am a natural. I am a Chemist and have been an entrepreneur more than fifteen years.

Vangaleen’s Natural Potions is an independent hair and skin care brand packed with wholesome handmade goodness and it is our pleasure to share our Potions with you. Enjoy your Natural Beauty with Vangaleen’s; “because ingredients matter, quality is the difference.”™

Welcome to Vangaleen’s Natural Potions, we’re glad you’re here. Enjoy your shopping experience.


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