Dry Body Brushing

Natural Dry Body Brushing
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As we enter the Autumn season, we are reminded to prepare our skin for the cold dryer weather ahead. It’s about the skin you’re in… The skin is our largest organ. Dry brushing is a gentle way to remove dead skin cells and revive your skin’s natural glow. It dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. They understood the benefits and necessities of maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. The benefits are more than just skin deep. The process requires using a soft natural brush over your entire body before your shower or bath. It invigorates the lymphatic system and helps detox organs and glands. Brushing breaks down the toxic layers of fat located in the lower levels of your skin that cause cellulite.


  • Exfoliates dry dead skin cells
  • Improves skin texture; smooth and soft
  • Increase circulation delivering oxygenated blood to the skin and other organs
  • Encourages your body to discharge waste
  • Helps drain the lymph canals of toxic mucus into the colon, resulting in purification. A toxic free body functionss more efficiently and burns calories faster.
  • Reported to lessen the appearance of cellulite
  • Tones muscles and tightens skin
  • Allows better hydration and moisturizing
  • Stimulates circulation and nerve endings in your skin
  • Aids in digestion and kidney function
  • Helps to better absorb vitamins and nutrients and releases clogged pores
  • Clean, clear skin works towards whole body health
  • Gets your day off to a better start

Body Brushing
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Here’s how…

  • Use a natural typically cactus or vegetable-derived medium soft bristle brush. A long handle makes it easy to get to your back and helps keep the strokes even. Avoid brushing your face and other sensitive areas.
  • Dry brushing should be done daily, first thing in the morning usually works best, once a day. If you are feeling under the weather try brushing twice a day. Avoid scrubbing and brushing too close to bedtime, as it may leave you feeling energized. (Always check with your physician before beginning any new procedure especially if you have health issues). Your skin should not be red or irritated after brushing.
  • The typical dry brushing session should be between 2 to 20 minutes. You decide what is most comfortable for you.
  • Always brush towards your heart. Begin by brushing in an upward circular direction from the soles of your feet. Then your hands to your shoulders, your stomach in a circular counter clockwise motion upward to the heart. Repeat a few times overlapping as you go.
  • Avoid broken or sensitive skin areas, varicose veins
  • After brushing enjoy a bath or shower using tepid to warm water. Alternate between warm and cool if in the shower, if in the bath rinse off under a cool shower.
  • Massage in a moisturizer: Vangaleen’s Euphoria Body Oil, pat dry or smooth on Butta Me Up Conditioning Body Butter or Butter & Beans Body Sorbet.

Note: A good consistent routine can make all the difference.

Keeping your brush clean is important. Wash the brush with soap and water once a week and let dry in sunny area to avoid mold and bacteria.

Caution: Always consult your physician before starting a new routine. Do not brush cuts, wounds, poison ivy or oak, rashes or the like. As a rule it is always best to consult a health care specialist before beginning any new routine to ensure it is beneficial to your particular needs.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before using any herbal products if you have allergies or are on medications.


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