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Hair, it’s our crowning glory. Nothing makes us happier than a good hair day and nothing is more distracting than a bad one. Healthy hair is the jewel in our crown. Recently we had several with emails about all kinds of hair issues from readers transitioning back to natural and those who are just longing for healthy hair. While we don’t represent to have all the answers; we do have some suggestions to share that you may find helpful. In our meeting this week we narrowed the field of questions to provide a more concise response. We refer to it as Hair; Common Issues with Natural Solutions.

Begin with the obvious. Is there a noticeable change with your hair, review your diet and recent health and product changes. Both can have an impact on hair health.
Consider these:
do you have a balanced diet?
do you consume large amounts of salt or sugar?
are your medications impacting my hair?
how is your circulation? am I anemic
When was the last time you had a full blood chemistry work up?
did you discuss the result and levels with my healthcare provider? i.e.. vitamin A, Vitamin B12, vitamin C, what about my zinc levels? Work to get the levels at par.
Am you hydrated? Water is crucial.
How do you cleanse my hair ?
are you stressed or anxious?
have you stripped your hair with chemicals and heat?

It is often the case that hair issues begin beneath the surface, our skin is the host for our hair. Having said that let’s explore what can be done to make our hair healthier.

Have you tried these steps?

Natural solutions to common problems:

  • drink more water
  • Eat healthy, a good diet is fuel for good health. Include fresh fruit, veggies and soy foods. Garlic, onions, whole grains, mushrooms, greens, proteins, horseradish and celery should make the list.
  • Tepid to cool, not hot water on hair it drys the scalp and may damage follicles.
  • sulfate free shampoo: no more sodium laurel sulfates (sls’s) they dry your hair and can cause breakage
  • take time to relax – stress management – meditation…yes, I know it’s not for everyone, but it should because studies show it to be beneficial.
  • exercise or some type of physical activity
  • include biotin with healthcare consent
  • hydrate your hair it gets thirsty too
  • premature grey or dull hair? try a cup of sage tea ( not recommended for pregnant women or epileptics).
  • limit the heat, burnt hair ain’t cute, nor is it healthy
    dry scalp?
  • toss in some wheat germ and chia seeds when cooking or making salads and smoothies.

Have weak thin hair? Drink lots of burdock root and nettle tea. Let me pause the list here for a moment and fill you in on the nitty gritty about these two herbs.They are the bees knees if you know what I mean…. Nettle or stinging nettle as it is also known is a power house full of goodies. It detoxifies the blood, improves circulation, rich in vitamins and nutrients. All these factors makes for a perfect encouragement of hair growth and reduce shedding. From first hand experience I can also tell you nettle helps to thicken hair. Add it to your salad or smoothie, I do. Burdock also stimulates hair growth and has many of the same attributes as nettle. Add fresh burdock in many stir fry dishes. I gave it a try, it wasn’t bad. There is a whole host of herbs that are beneficial to your hair and skin. Have you tried Trio by Vangaleens? What about the Hair 4 You line? These products have these herbs and many other nourishing ingredients that customers love.

Want healthy hair ?… Vangaleens. Pamper your tresses, if you show it some love your hair will thrive.  Herbs and flowers are powerful and effective. They strengthen, soothe and protect the body, stimulate sluggish liver, kidney and circulatory systems which provides a healthier environment for healthy hair growth. Pay attention to your hair, don’t over shampoo. Your hair, needs the natural (oil) sebum. Try co-washing you hair ( the use of a conditioner to cleanse hair in place of a shampoo). Avoid the cones, silicones that is… if your hair is prone to be dry. Some conditioners add them for slip to help untangle your hair. However, if your ingredient list include ( Dimethicone Copolyl and PEG Modified Dimethicone) you should be okay.

Try Loc Likor a natural infusion of nourishing oils and fortifying and stimulating herbs that can be used as a hair and scal oil or deep conditioner. Loc likor is not just for locs. Also, Beau-Tea-Ful, by Vangaleens is nourishing a final rinse. It’s the holistic solution to hair issues.
Ingredients matter, products for hair and skin should contain natural herbal ingredients. The natural ingredients should comprise 95% of the list.
use the proper tools on your hair. i.e.. A wide tooth come, limit brush use and start at the ends and work your way up to the roots.

Additionally, mental and physical condition is a key aspect in the condition of our hair and skin health. It’s a delicate balance. Listen and understand what your body is telling you. It’s always right.

What are some of your natural solutions?

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