Look to the moon for healthy hair and faster growth.


Look to the moon to enhance your hair journey, lengthen and strengthen your roots with lunar hair care. My inspiration for this post comes by way of memories of my Aunt Delores. I was always amazed by her long, luxurious hair and her omg mouth watering German Chocolate cake. No matter how many times I have tried to recreate her recipe, it is never quite the same. So I have decided that it was her personal touch and that cannot be recreated. I digress…Yum. The moon however, still cycles through its phases. Healthy hair growth with the assistance of the moon is still possible.

My aunt had the most beautiful thick, healthy long hair. It was, at times down to her waist. She would cut it short, and in what seemed like a blink of an eye; it was long again.  As a young girl, I recall asking her how she got her hair to grow so fast. (Yes, we know scientifically speaking; genetics has a large part in the outcome). Her response was always I cut it by the moon. By the moon?


What do you think about lunar hair care? Well, through the ages, the lunar cycle has been the determining factor for planting and harvesting of crops. The lunar cycle has an influence on many aspects of life. Research indicates that for centuries lunar hair care has had a strong following among a large segment of the population. So much so, that it is addressed in the farmer’s almanac (www.farmersalmanac.com).

The moon has been acknowledged for centuries its power by many cultures.  Look at gardening as an example. To have a healthier plant  we trim the plant also referred to as deadheading. Using a similar concept, trimming off split or dry ends of your hair when the moon is just entering a New Moon phase will strengthen the roots of the hair and stimulate faster, fuller growth. It is during the waxing phase and New Moon, that body replenishes its resources, retain nutrients and store energy, using less energy and working to reach its optimal health. Hair growth and nourishment is  accelerated during this time, more so when the moon is in the astrological house of the earth signs Capricorn or Taurus or in the water signs Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Towards the end of the cycle the body begins to discard the excess it has stored which could result in thinner hair. The best time for harnessing the moon’s ability of creating thicker hair is when the moon lies in Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer or going into the Full Moon between noon and 6PM.

lunar hair growth
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So…, here is the lunar hair dates if you are so inclined. Try the lunar method for a few cycles.

The best days according to the Farmers Almanac:

Best Days Explained…

According to Farmers’ Almanac tradition, when the moon is in the appropriate phase and place in the zodiac, it’s widely believed that activities will be more fruitful or lead to improved results. The period between the new and full moon (first and second quarters) is considered as the best time to perform tasks that require strength, fertility and growth. The period between the full and new moon (third and fourth quarters) is best for harvesting, slowing growth, etc. Consideration is also given to the relationship the moon has with the 12 ruling signs of the zodiac.

Enhance your hair journey, to lengthen, strengthen your roots, or just add beauty to your hair. We are certain that Vangaleen’s Natural Potions has just what you need for a successful journey to healthy, longer hair stronger more beautiful hair. Vangaleen’s Loc Likor is a stimulating root and scalp treatment packed with nourishment allowing for longer healthier growth. Tress Dress is a nutrient rich, nourishing hair butter made with herbal infusions, exotic oils and butters that conditions your hair for a beautiful rich sheen without weighing down your hair, leaving it full of body and sheen. For great conditioning, Beau-Tea-Ful our herbal hair teas, are the perfect brews for beautiful healthy hair.

I have tried looking to the moon as a guide and it has worked well for me. My hair has increased in volume, new growth and is much healthier. 

We hope that you will look to the moon. Chart your progress and let us know your results.

If you have tired lunar hair care before, did it work for you?

Look to the moon.  Share your Lunar experience.

 Uhmm, I really would love to have a piece of Aunt Delores’ German Chocolate cake.


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