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The Tress Dress gives my hair a healthy, natural shine. I truly believe that the new growth I am finally beginning to see is a direct result of this product. I also believe that using this product in conjunction with the hair tea is also a factor. I think my search for help for my hair has ended. Thanks, Tress Dress!!
Absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the Butter & Beans Body Sorbet. After an invigorating bath or shower using the Morning Grind Coffee Scrub the Butters and Beans gives my skin that soft, supple feeling. My skin is smooth, and the scent is wonderful!!!!
Annette Haynes

The most exhilarating experience you can experience from a body oil. Euphoria really leaves your skin feeling great. Another great product by Vangaleen’so Natural Potions. Way to go!!
Lillian B.

Incredible products make my face feel amazing, my all time favorite, can’t go out without it.

Cynthia Doe

I have tried and really love the Tress Dress, it really does the job on my natural hair. It tames my edges wonderfully!

D. Smoots

For me, Comfort and Soothe is the “Miracle” salve. I have RA and I am often plagued with joint pain. Comfort and Soothe relieves my pain and affords me the mobility I need to get through my day. I also use this salve on minor cuts and abrasions and the healing time seems to accelerate. I refuse to use any other topical for my muscular aches and pains. I am not one to comment on products but this is one product that I truly believe in; that’s because it works. No household should be without a jar; a perfect massage creme after a grueling workout.


Just finished my hair with a rinse using Vangaleen’s Beau-Tea-Ful: An Organic Herbal Hair Conditioner. Hair smells, feels and looks GREAT!

‎Sonia Haynes

I’m really glad I tried Vangaleens Face It line of facial elixirs!! I love the results. My skin is noticeably improved and it didn’t take long to show a beautiful healthy glow. I’m addicted now.


Your nail serum is great. My nails and my cuticles have never looked better. Thanks for creating a great product.


I really love your Moisturizing Facial Elixirs. Previously I had been noticing some general dryness in my combination/oily skin, however since using your moisturizing facial elixirs I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin and I must say, I am impressed by the results! Your facial products are giving me better results than any product that I have tried in the past and I am grateful for that. I also enjoy the Moisturizing body oil, It is great when applied after a bath or shower to prevent a dryness of the skin. I also concentrate the use of it on my feet when wearing sandals. It keeps my skin hydrated and balanced all day while still light enough for my combination/oily tendency skin. Thank you so much! I feel happy and healthier living in the skin I’m in!

Shirley Gales

Comfort and Soothe saves the day! Couldn’t live without it. Truly a solution to easing my RA. Thanks Vangaleens for my little miracle in a jar.

‎Teryl Bellinger-Burrell‎

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  1. I’ve recently began using Vangaleens Shea, charcoal and red clay body soap. My skin is now softer, smoother and blemishe free. I don’t have to use makeup to cover the dark spots on my face anymore because I don’t have any. My skin is flawless. Thank you Vangaleens!!

  2. I have been using Dew it shampoo and conditioner for over a year, and will never go back. I ordinarily have pretty thick hair, but it can get somewhat frizzy and create split ends in the humidity. After using the Dew It products, my hair is even thicker but never frizzy, and healthier than ever with no split ends. My hair is also so easy to manage now. I don’t even have to blow dry it–it will dry on its own with no maintenance. Bouncy, wavy, easy. In fact, just this week my hair dresser couldn’t stop talking about how healthy and thick my hair was, wondering what I was using on it. An additional note, I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin which easily can break out with other shampoos and conditioners. These products have NEVER given me a rash or reaction of any kind. I am a forever client! Thank you Vangaleen’s Natural Potions.

  3. I was given the lavender lemongrass beauty bar as a gift and I have never smelled something so good IN MY LIFE! It feels amazing on your skin and the packaging is absolutely adorable. I thought the Lush store in Cherry Hill Mall was good – but Lush does not sell anything that has the aroma of this beauty bar.

    That led me to try more products and I purchased the Dew It shampoo and conditioner. Prior to my purchase, I was using Aveeno ‘all natural’ shampoo and conditioner because I have sensitive skin and my scalp gets irritated very easily. When I received the Vangaleen products, I read the ingredients on the bottles and legitimately was blown away at how every single ingredient is a natural ingredient that I have heard of/can pronounce. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for two weeks now and can tell a very noticeable difference in how my scalp feels after using these products.

    The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and make my hair feel great and now I have officially switched over to Vangaleens. The price is comparable, if not cheaper than competing products and the quality is undeniably better. I usually do not take time to write reviews about products but felt like this company absolutely deserved the shout out!!!

    • Wow! Shana. Your review is so awesome. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed account of your experience with our products. You inspire us with your wonderful words. Your feedback is a great help to us. We are thrilled to hear of your progress and very happy to have you as part of our #ingredientsmatter family. ❤️❤️ Most sincere thanks, Vangaleen #thankyou #customers #clients #testimonials #NowThatsAReview #read #happy #quality #review #Feedback #bathandbody #haircare #soaps #natural #skincare #shoutouts #Vangaleens #PositiveEngery #love

  4. Vangaleens products are just so fresh and clean! I love the packaging and how quick I receive my orders. The prices are right on point and when I ask a question the response is prompt. Great customer service! Will be recommending to others

    • Thank you Katherine for taking the time to write such a great review. We look forward to having you be part of our family. Shout outs matter. Most sincere, Vangaleen

  5. I’ve been using Vangaleen’s reveals cleansing facial mask months before my wedding. My face was glorious, smooth, gave me a graceful glow. Love the product.

  6. Comfort & Soothe is my go to remedy after a long day. After a long day rub your body down with comfort & soothe & have a glass of wine. That stressful day will be forgotten.

  7. I give credit when credit is due. Vangaleens hold tight helped me to get though the summer w/o the frizz. It kept my natural blondes hair in tight coils throughout the summer. I would recommend this product to anyone going natural or has Loc. The name speaks for itself. Truly Satisfied.

  8. Just Dew It!
    After removing my crochet braids I use Dew It! Shampoo and Conditioner.
    It leaves my hair clean, soft and moisturized. Great prices for two great natural products. For healthy, shiny and manageable hair, just Dew It!

  9. I have sensitive skin and find it difficult to find products that work. I have used your products for two months now. They are very good. The soaps and body oil work really well on my dry skin. The hair products have really made a difference. I just put in an order for the face kit. I’m sure I will be pleased.

  10. The party was so much fun. Can’t wait to host one. Your products Rock!

  11. The hair nourishment package is great! I felt the difference in my hair immediately after using the hair tea. It feels amazing on your scalp. The hair butter and loc likor did wonders for my twist outs, It left my hair well moisturized with a nice sheen without feeling oily. I will purchase again. Thank you again.

  12. I have very dry skin, I ordered Vangaleen’s Euphoria moisturizing body oil. I was very happy I used this product. This oil has a nice fragrance and light feel, not oily.
    Using this oil after a bath, made my skin feel great. This is a great buy!

  13. Euphoria body oil is a must have. Not only does it leave your skin with a clean crisp aroma, it keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day. A natural skin moisturizer that actually soothed my eczematous skin. The ordering process was quick and the products are reasonably priced. I love Vangaleens.

  14. My favorite VANGALEENS products are the Heavenly Euphoria body oil, the Facial Serum and all the Bath scrubs and salts! There is Immediate Gratification after each use! Your skin and body seems instantly Renewed and Refreshed and Uplifted! I can’t stan running out and totally excited when my Vangaleens supplies arrive.
    Pam Cannon, Ohio fan for life.

  15. I have been using the hair care products for about 4-5 months. My hair has never felt so soft it truly feels like my hair is healthy I have always had a hard time finding natural products to put in my hair to keep it moisturized with a nice shine to it very pleased thank you.

  16. I am so lucky to have tried out Vangaleens products everything is wonderful.

  17. OMG… Vangaleen’s natural potions got a girl feeling good. I’m not the type of gal that writes reviews, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Ive been curse with dry, flaky, & hair that’s stubborn to grow. I’ve been using the trio hair nourishment essential kit, and the results are amazing. My hair feels super healthy, I developed thickness and length, & Goodbye flaky hair. Yessszzzz! Thanks Vangaleen your natural potions truly works.

  18. I have been a loyal customer for over five years.
    I use Comfort and Soothe daily.
    There is no other product on the market that gives my knees the comfort and relief from pain, that Vangaleens Products does.
    I have tried every product on the market nothing else compares to Comfort and Soothe.
    My nails and my face serums are also a must have.
    I use those products religiously as well.
    My nails are strong and healthy, due to the daily use of Vangaleens’Nail Serum.
    My face is clear and maintains a youthful glow as a result of the daily use of the Facial Serum.
    I could go on and on about Vangaleens Products.
    I am very pleased with all of Vangaleens Products.
    I make sure I always have my supply of these products available for my use at all times.
    Thanks Vangaleens!!

  19. I am so happy with my decision to purchase the shampoo and conditioner tress dress and Loc Likor are the true “magic” elixirs. My hair was thinning in several places. A friend suggested the hair products by Vangaleens. I telephoned to get more information and wow the staff was very informative and helpful. Long story short; I have been using the products for a few weeks. My hair looks and feels so much healthier and I now have new growth in the thin spots. Just placed another order. Thanks for great products.

  20. I usually don’t add a review on a products unless I have something positive to say. I have not found anything to rave about until now. Last week I attended a Festival in Philly when I came across Vangaleen’s Natural. I explained to Karen that I have very sensitive skin and have had eczema my whole life. Now in my adult life my skin is much drier due to the eczema. Karen suggested I try “Butta Me Up” body butter. I’ve been using it for a week and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Once I apply after the shower I don’t need to reapply for the rest of the day. My skin is so soft and the dry patches remain moisturized and soft. I have not been able to find anything on the market to soften and keep my patchy dry skin soft throughout the day until I started using her body butter. It is not heavily perfumed and no stinging. A little goes a long way!! I also purchased the “Euphoria Moisturizing” oil which I plan to start using this week. I wanted to use the “Butta Me Up” alone first so that I can see how well it works. Thank you so much Karen, you have made another life long customer!!!

  21. I have been lucky enough to try many of these products.
    My favorite is the comfort and soothe, my achy legs and back after work outs…what a nice surprise….it actually does comfort and soothe your muscles…Definate must buy !!

    The euphoria lotion…Love, love, love…
    Keeps my skin soft and smells amazing…I get so many compliments on it..

    The coffee s rub and butter beans ….
    What a great way to start the day…
    Soaking later in her baths salts….
    VANGALEENS products are just a wonderful ,safe and natural way to pamper yourself…Treat yourself and your family and friends also!!

  22. This woman has created the best natural hair and body products on this side of the Mason Dixon line. All of Vangaleens products are formulated via all natural products and are made& priced for every woman and man in every walk of life. Simply the best, I use the Butta Me Up, every day.

  23. Para mim eh o melhor do mercado, tudo MARAVILHOSOooo ..qualidade, cheiro e eh isso que conta sem falar do preco…Amoooo…!!!!

    Translation “For me it’s the best on the market, all WONDERFUL ..qualitiy, smell are what counts not to mention the price … Love it … !!!!”

  24. When I was pregnant for the first time I was devastated to see al these purple stretch marks all over my skin. I tried everything and was not getting the results id hoped for. A friend recommend Vangaleens so I contacted customer service and received an expediant response. (Thankyou for that) I was told to use Euphoria body oil all over (not just problem area) after soaking or showering. After it sat on my skin about 5 minutes I used the Butta Me Up! Body Butter directly on my stretch marks which happened to be my hips. Not only did my baby stripes dramatically reduce in color and size but I fell in LOVE with the products and still use them every time I get out except now I smooth the creamy, rich body butter all over! My husband even likes to use occasionally. Neither products feel greasy what so ever like most oils ive used and my body stays soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. I would be interested to try some soaps, scrubs and soaks next! Thank you for the fast shipping and wonderful customer service, I will be returning for more!

  25. I purchased your product last summer at a festival and I have been ordering them ever since. The results are wonderful. My hair is healthy, it feels great and looks great. I get so many compliments. If anyone is looking for great hair products I highly recommended this line.

  26. Vangaleen’s, provided an absolutely fantastic ordering service, they created my natural hair products (my hair is caucasian, curly, thick & dyed) at the time of my order and Karen included a personalized thank you note! My hair feels amazing and my scalp feels healthy and moisturized, I’ll definitely be back, I am hooked.


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