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This is not your traditional love story but it goes to the root of my love for my natural hair. I’m a natural girl with tight curlz and styling my hair hasn’t always been easy. When my journey from relaxed to natural hair began I had no idea of what lay ahead. I knew that while my hair was a nice length and looked okay, my hair was beginning to thin and the relaxed process wasn’t so relaxing, it was long, grueling, costly and full of toxins. My hairdresser was horrified, “Why do you want to do that?”, she asked. Without much thought, I let her know that for me it was time to show my hair some natural love by setting it and my body free from the toxic abusive.  My transitioning hair journey was about to commence.

The transition to natural was similar to starting a new relationship. It took some time to get to know and understand my hair in it’s natural state, it had been so long since I had seen it that way. There were many questions and I wasn’t sure of where to go to get the answers. What products and tools do I need? Should I cut my hair down to the new growth? How do I style my hair? It was obvious that I needed to do some research.

I found myself stopping natural sistas in stores or walking down the street, but it was a large community of wonderful women on youtube that really helped me navigate my way through. They taught me that there were hair types, 3a,3b,4a,b and so on. I learned that there are different ways to treat different hair types. Their openness and honesty gave me a strong start and the confidence needed to continue my natural hair journey. I am very grateful to them all.

Well, this girl with fine cotton soft, tight curlz or tiny coils as some describe them; stumbled her way through many different product lines. After time, I became more familiar with my hair, paying close attention to likes and dislikes. I fed my body and hair vitamins and nutrients, starting with a good diet is always a good idea. Less stress and more sleep proved to be beneficial. I hydrated it with water and moisturized with organic butters and oils. I protected my hair from excessive heat, no dryers and for the most part wore styles that guarded it from enviormental polutiants. I smoothed, soothed and loved my hair.

It has been over five years since my natural hair journey began. I continue to give my hair love and attention and my hair loves me back. Our relationship has never been so thick, healthy, and the growth, wow.

I keep it natural with combinations of powerful herbs, moisturizing oils and conditioning butters and I was reminded of lessons taught to me as a child. They say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention and development’, well it’s true; I took a look back and was able to move forward, check out Vangaleen’s Natural Potions.

I’m in love with my natural hair. Transition is a worthwhile journey. I’m a natural girl with tight curlz and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Stay Rooted In Nature –  Celebrate Natural”

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